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Home Beautification and Maintenance Tips for Our Customers

Maintain your home's resale value by following these seasonal tips

Maintain the beauty of your home from inside, outside, and from curbside. Improving your home's curbside appeal is like a makeover for your home, and involves many small, do-it-yourself tasks. There are many important areas of do-it-yourself home improvement that you can focus on.

    • Be sure your air and furnace filters are changed regularlyhttp://autorepair.about.com/od/regularmaintenance/ht/airfilter.htm. Changing filters in your air conditioning unit and furnace saves hundreds of dollars annually.
    • Have an electrician inspect your electrical system. Electricity is a potential unseen danger. Be sure to call a licensed electrician. New Jersey Home Warranty will send a certified electrician for a home inspection.
    • Keep a multi-purpose fire extinguisher in your homehttp://www.usfa.dhs.gov/citizens/all_citizens/home_fire_prev/extinguishers.shtm
    • Use correct wattage in lightbulbs to avoid electrical fires and damage to lighting fixtures.
    • Have your air conditioning system checked yearly.
    • How to check for roof damage http://www.ehow.com/how_5596057_check-roof-damage.html
    • Protect your home from unsanitary and often overlooked sewer or drain clogs
    • Perform yearly maintenance on your water heater http://www.doityourself.com/stry/hotwaterheatertips
    • Check plumbing valves to ensure proper functioning
    • Keep smoke and carbon monoxide detectors clean and free of dust
    • Have your decks and patios inspected for cracks, crumbling and uneven sections. Not only is deteriorating and uneven pavement and concrete unsightly, it’s also unsafe.
    • Place and regularly check nightlights at the tops and bottoms of each set of stairs to avoid accidents with little or no light.
    • Have your siding inspected for deterioration
    • Check windows and door locks. Inspect each door and lock to ensure that each door closes and locks securely. We also suggest you check doors and windows for drafts.
    • Maintain the water hoses and connections on washers, fridges, and dishwashers
    • Have a repair person inspect your washer and dryer, cleaning the dryer's exhaust duct
    • Consult a licensed chimney sweep about chimney, damper and flue inspection
    • Check your heating system annually http://saveenergy.about.com/od/homeheating/ss/winterize_4.htm
    • Consult your plumber on how to protect against frozen pipes
    • To reduce energy loss, caulk around doors and windowshttp://www.consumerenergycenter.org/home/tightenup/caulking.html
    • Make sure that the caulking around your bathroom fixtures is adequate to prevent water seepage
    • Switch out screens for storm windows when cooler temperatures prevail to save on your energy bills.
    • If you’re going on an extended vacation, winterize your dish washerhttp://www.ehow.com/how_5963240_winterize-dish-washers.html
    • Avoid cluttered gutters and clogged downspouts. Clogged rain gutters leak onto home siding and paint, causing deterioration and staining.
    • Have a professional insulate pipes in your crawl space and attic
    • Replace faulty or old electrical holiday decorations to avoid electrical fires. Most home fires during the holidays can be avoided by updating lighting and unplugging decorations.
    • Ensure that there is sufficient ventilation in your attic to avoid structural deterioration



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