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Enhancing & Fixing-up Your Home to Prepare for Renting

August 2013, Author: Patricia Mitrano

New Jersey real estate forecasters say it’s a buyers market, but it is much better to sell when it’s a seller’s market. The “once-in-a-generation opportunity to buy …with once-in-a-lifetime mortgage rates,” are still in effect. Yet, if you can afford it, it may make sense to wait to sell and rent your house instead. Some forecasters predict that in a few months we will see homes selling for substantially more than they are now.

To make your home rental ready and to attract a good quality tenant, there are several improvements you can do or have a professional like Curb Appeal Design do for you. Repair and replace any unsightly items like carpets, rotted fences, damaged tree limbs or ceiling leaks. Double check and make sure all electrical wiring is up to code and repair even the most minor problem. Ensure all windows and doors are working properly and repair any locks that stick or jam. Leaky faucets or toilets and other plumbing repairs are essential to peace of mind. The better condition your home is in, the better it will be maintained and the less headaches you will have with break downs in the middle of the night.

The modifications do not have to be fancy as tenants in general do not take loving care of a home they don’t own. Your house must be comparable to others in the area, and perhaps offer one additional thing more. A fresh coat of paint in all rooms is a must as it will brighten the whole appearance of the home. When rooms are empty a polish of any hardwood floors will speak volumes to the potential tenant.

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Hardscaping Uses To Protect and Enhance Your Home and Property

August 2013, Author: Joya Mitrano

Hardscapes are everywhere from sidewalks to boardwalks. Hardscaping is a type of landscaping that uses wood, stone, or nonliving material to cover the surface of the ground. Hardscaping has three main benefits. First, it can prevent erosion. Erosion can lead to dangerous mudslides, so it is important to avoid erosion, especially if living on a hill. Second, it can enhance safety. Installing a sidewalk on uneven ground can prevent sprained ankles, and injuries from falling on bumpy ground. Lastly, hardscapes can bring improvement to the landscape of a house and curb appeal. Hardscaping can be immensely beneficial to a yard, preventing erosion, restoring safety, and enhancing curb appeal achieved through basic materials such as, wood and stone.

The first step to think about, when installing a hardscape is the material. Each material has different advantages. The most popular hardscaping materials include concrete, brick, stone, and wood. Concrete, by far the pop star of hardscaping, is cheap, durable, and flexible. It can mold into any shape, and also can be dyed into any color.

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