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“As the weather outside turns frightful,
before making a fire that’s delightful,
Prepare for the wind and snow,
Curb Appeal suggests things you should know.”

Many New Jersey, Essex County and Morris County homeowners are in much better shape than last year, but any New Jersey winter is worthy of respect. Before getting deep into the bone-chilling days, there are several
maintenance tasks to do, inside and out, to protect a home from those ravishing elements.

Before striking the first fireplace match, go outside and assess the condition of the chimney. How close are the nearest tree branches? If closer than 15 feet away from the chimney and roof, they will need to be trimmed back or removed. Once removed, they will not pose a threat of catching fire or falling on and damaging the roof. Take care of overgrown evergreen tress or bushes at the same time and preserve siding, brick or paint. 

Is a sufficient chimney cap installed? Keeping out the elements, snow and ice especially, as is preventing an unexpected visit from a squirrel or other critter is the proper function of a chimney cap. Observe the flashing, which is the metal that prevents water and ice from forming where the chimney meets the roofline. Bricks can deteriorate over time and if any issue is suspect, call us to professionally assess the risk.

Once indoors and warming up with some hot chocolate and marshmallows, set to work evaluating the area around the fireplace. Make certain nothing flammable is nearby; newspaper or wrapping paper are obvious no-no’s, but also consider furniture, lampshades or curtains. Anything that is closer than 18 inches away from the hearth is too close and could easily catch a spark at any moment.

And finally, don’t ignite until it is certain that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in tip-top shape. Fireplaces cause many home fires each year, but odorless carbon monoxide, is as deadly, which can be emitted from a poorly maintained chimney. These detectors must be replaced every ten years or sooner.

Chimney and fireplace maintenance is money well spent. The National Fire Protection Association recommends an inspection every year to safeguard against accidents. These small, preventative measures can circumvent massive disasters and keep families safe, cozy and warm.


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