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Many people believe teenagers are the hardest human beings to understand that exist on planet earth. Parents may not understand their need for privacy, a most difficult concept. Teenagers need privacy and space so they can make their own decisions and choices. They learn life lessons from this independence. Sometimes grumpy, rude, or having an attitude, can be a cry for independence and may just mean it is time for a break, for both parents and teens. That said, there is a trend in renovations to create “private” areas for teens or “kid zones” for children in the home. Engage your teen in the creative process to design a welcoming place where they can have privacy for fostering independence or for entertaining in a safe environment. Designate the spot that will be theirs, most fitted to a basement, downstairs den or other area of the household. Arnold and Graesch’s “Life at Home in the Twenty-First Century” is an anthropological study of 32 American homes that has found that for many of us, leisure is spent indoors. 

The Wall Street Journal recently wrote that some parents are spending massive amounts of dollars investing in teen centric home renovations. Themed spaces (think Hunger Games, Maze Runner or Harry Potter) that pay homage to popular teen books can be a big hit. The basement hangout is also functional as it can more easily contain noise if the hangout involves musical instruments or garage band practice. Adjustable lighting is advisable both for study sessions or movie nights. Ping pong tables, gym equipment, a wide screen TV, or projector with bean-bag-style seating is popular with the adolescent crowd. However, there is symmetry to the parent-teen relationship. Granting privacy means responsibility and freedom. The teen years are a delicate developmental stage. Teenagers need privacy to grown and learn. It is important to give teenagers a private space.  Encourage positive activities, show support and remember to keep plenty of snacks on hand.


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