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May 2013, Author: Patricia Mitrano

Preparing Your Home for Weather Related Emergencies Makes Sense for Family Safety and Asset Protection.

The strange weather we’ve been experiencing in New Jersey, the country, and the world requires constant vigilance and preparation as this year’s hurricane season is predicted to be very active, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), government agencies, and President Obama are advising homeowners and their families to prepare now.  As quoted in a recent tweet on Twitter, a visit to “Ready.gov” can lead to important information about emergency preparedness. "With an active #hurricaneseason predicted, now is the best time to start making a plan http://go.usa.gov/brpJ".

If you questioned what is required to “Shelter-in-Place” as the population was asked to do during the recent Boston Marathon tragedy, the Ready.gov website can provide the answers. To "Shelter-in-Place" among other activities, you must act quickly and take immediate shelter wherever you are-home, work, or school-and stay put until further notice. Identify a safe area of your home to take shelter, referred to as a "safe room" or for those of a certain age, a “fallout shelter.” It is recommended to have ten square feet of floor space per person for sufficient air circulation for 5 hours to prevent carbon dioxide buildup. Choose a room with as few windows and doors as possible, and also consider if it has a water supply and toilet access.


There is a shelter goldmine in an unfinished, concrete basement. Concrete walls provide greater protection than wooden walls, as windows can shatter and create emergency situations during a disastrous storm. Waterproofing and regarding your property can provide an immediate benefit and can then enable you to make the underground space more inhabitable.  A professional can assess and evaluate the need for waterproofing and converting any cellar area into a safe room.

Other things you can do to prepare your property to fare better during a hurricane is identify unsteady or weak tree limbs close to your house or a neighbor’s house. If you can envision the limb falling your way, having trees pruned ahead of disaster striking will make more sense than cleaning up afterward. Know what your community’s emergency plans, warning signals, and evacuation routes are. Have your important papers in a secure and easily accessible location.

Bring blankets, candles, matches, water, and food supplies for your emergency disaster supplies kit. Include plastic bags and newspapers for debris, duct tape, scissors, and plastic sheeting. Always have your cell phone charged, your emergency numbers on speed dial, and a working hard-wired telephone. Sign up for Reverse 911 and follow NOAA Weather Radio.

The underground lower level of your home can protect your family in the event of a hurricane, tornado, or a chemical attack. Anticipate potential weak spots or possible home hazards and address them before disaster strikes. Home improvement investments and in structural safety ahead of time is smart, responsible, and will help make your family safer and better prepared for a weather related incident. Curb Appeal Designs is available to offer suggestions and is a qualified contractor to do any of the needed work for you.


For more disaster preparedness information:



Ready.gov Pledge to prepare 


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