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April 2013, Author: John Mitrano

Every July I stand guiltily looking at my neighbor's lush, green lawn and then down at my own yellowish brown straw and ask "What happened?". The question should be, "What didn't happen?". Neglect is what some would call it.

Now, while it is Spring, if you are reading this, you may have a fighting chance to prevent it. START NOW. The key to a thick, healthy, beautiful lawn is to pay attention to it and use the resources of the spring rains to help you with your care plan.

Assess your lawn for bare spots and seed them quickly before opportunistic weeds and dandelions start germinating. If you already see those pesky yellow flowers, water your lawn first, and pry the weeds down to the tap root before pulling it out. Several commercial products are available like Round Up or Weed B Gone. Be sure to read the directions as overspraying can frequently kill surrounding healthy grass along with the unwanted weeds.


There are some tricks to keeping dandelions under control. Use a mower without a leaf bag and leave the grass clippings (mulch) on the lawn. Mowing high (2 1/2 to 3 inches) also works. You cannot control the wind currents and nature has her clever ways regardless, but these lawn care procedures are bound to help.

Of course, now that you WILL have a beautiful lawn this year, wouldn't it be nice to contact a contractor to install a paver walkway, porch or patio to round out the scene nicely? Your neighbors will be standing in their own yards this summer scratching their perplexed heads. Then again, maybe they are reading this too...


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