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 NJ Landscape Design & Masonry

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Landscape lighting refers to the use of outdoor lighting of gardens and  landscapes of your property.  Adding lighting to your landscape is a simple and effective way to really beautify your backyard. Curb Appeal Design LLC has every kind of external lighting you need to illuminate your outdoors. There are tons of different Landscape lighting fixture types, too, from helpful post lights to decorative outdoor pendant lighting and even portable outdoor lamps, that each play specific roles in making the outside of the home the safe haven. Landscape lights allow you to continue to enjoy the beauty of your yard even when it's dark out. 

Curb Appeal Designs has been a Distributor/Dealer/Installer of landscape lighting systems since the beginning. Curb Appeal Designs utilizes company’s like UNIQUE Lighting Systems whom are innovators in the low-voltage lighting industry.

Curb Appeal Design landscape lighting contractors only uses high-quality, durable, and professionally manufactured low-voltage lighting systems that are typically installed in both residential and commercial properties for the purpose of landscape lighting. Landscape lighting provides for an extra level of outdoor beauty. It’s important to note that professional systems not only offer professional & durable outdoor lighting products, but also an entire system that is fully integrated with a range of distinctive low voltage lighting fixtures that work compatibly as an entire system. Low-voltage landscape lighting systems include fixtures and products like:

1) LED and Multi-Matic transformers
2) HUBs
3) HID bollards
4) LED lamps
5) Wireless controls and accessories

Using Curb Appeal Design as your contractor ensures that you are using an experienced and knowledgable installer that can also give any on-site training needed and offer high-end customer service for any required support or maintenance. Curb Appeal Design Contractors only install and maintain professional, low-voltage landscape lighting systems that are manufactured using premium materials and processes. 

Professional, low-voltage. landscape lighting systems are assembled as a custom-made individual part. These low-voltage lighting fixtures and systems go through a manufacturing process that accomplishes the highest level of performance and durability carried through to final product. Durable construction and beautiful styling in low-voltage landscape lighting systems and fixtures make for an ideal solution for any residential or commercial installation.

We Offer:

Landscape Lighting Deck Lighting Patio Lighting
Outdoor Lighting Safety Lighting Holiday Lighting
Landscape Lighting LED Landscape Lighting low voltage Low voltage lighting installation
Landscape path lighting Outdoor landscape Lighting Landscape lighting installation


Call Curb Appeal Design LLC today at  (973) 451-0203 to schedule an initial consultation and quote for your landscape lighting project.