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The front walk and driveway are the homeowner’s first opportunity to make a lasting impression. Pavers, not ordinary blacktop or concrete, tastefully welcome with style neighbors, family, and friends to your “castle” entrance. Masonry can give your home another level of sensational beauty with retaining walls for wherever a sloping property indicates.

Careful design and execution of your dream project sets Curb Appeal Design LLC above the crowd in installation of flagstone, bricks, and stamped concrete. The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) states that “segmental pavement systems are the preferred choice for sustainable and environmentally friendly pavements in North America.” Results from industry surveys indicate that paver sales are on the rise as their popularity increases with homeowners, due in part to the increase in home value pavers and retaining walls can provide in addition to their aesthetic value.

Curb Appeal Design LLC meticulously services the Morris and Essex County New Jersey areas with quality workmanship and design to help fill the need for aesthetically functional walkways, entranceways, terraces, driveways, pavilions or paths.


Permeable Pavement Paver Blocks Are Good For the Environment

Not only do pavers come in a variety of textures, shapes, colors, and materials like granite, brick, concrete, limestone, they are more resistant to the effects of extreme temperatures. Pavers will not crack and unlike concrete or asphalt, every block has joints that permit a little amount of movement and a lot of water drainage. According to Sheryl Eisenberg on the Natural Resources Defense Council’s website (www.nrdc.org), using paver blocks instead of impermeable concrete or asphalt can“allow water to pass through to the ground below, and can help keep your local waters clean and restore groundwater reserves.”


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